Workplace and Culture

We are located in the historic Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Our team enjoys taking lunch down by waterfront, and being a short walk away from the only In-N-Out burger in the city. Come by and see for yourself!



Learning is part of our culture, so we encourage employees to take online courses so that they can better accomplish the tasks at hand.

Choose your Snack

The Staffjoy team is hungry for both success and snacks! Each team member gets to order a snack of their choice every month.


Unlimited vacation days mean you can take time off and come back fresh.


We may be a small company, but employee health is a top priority. We offer medical, vision, and dental insurance plans.


Everybody owns a piece of our success. We offer stock options to all employees.

Commuter Benefits

We offer pre-tax commuter benefits, and encourage team members to bicycle to work.

Open Positions

Front-End Engineering Lead

San Francisco, CA

About the Role

We're looking for a front-end software engineer who was written complex web applications featuring hundreds of different views. You will work with our team to design new systems and build Javascript elements, then integrate them with our API. You will work directly with our designer and back-end engineers to build polished and intuitive web applications. We aim to give you the autonomy for ground-up rewrites and improvements to the application. The rest of the team will aid in your decisions, but you will lead these projects.


  • 2+ years experience building responsive web applications
  • Javascript expertise
  • Experience with ReactJS and Flux application architecture
  • Experience with linting, unit testing, and browser testing
  • Background in complex client applications containing many (>50) view components
  • Enthusiastic references

Dev-Ops Engineer

San Francisco, CA

About the Role

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to manage our back-end software systems, ranging from writing code to monitoring production environments. You will work with our team to design new systems, code and test them, then deploy and monitor them. We are looking for a candidate with expertise in distributed systems. You should be familiar or eager to learn our primary tools - Docker, Kubernetes, Bazel, Jenkins, Go, and gRPC.

Your responsibilities will include areas such as security, deployment, monitoring, logging, API design, and testing. Within these domains, you will have autonomy and flexibility to carry out experiments and ground-up rewrites. The rest of the team will aid in your decisions, but you will lead these projects.

Current Stack

  • Monorepo with Bazel build system
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins to Google Cloud
  • Microservice architecture with multiple MySQL and Redis installations
  • Kubernetes for development environments
  • RESTful APIs as a gateway for internal gRPC calls
  • Backend services are primarily written in Go
  • Sophisticated messaging infrastructure for SMS and Email, with the plan to integrate with a variety of other messaging platforms
  • Structured logging and a varity of monitoring tools such as Sentr
  • React Native for iPhone and Android apps


  • Opinionated approach to modern distributed web application architecture
  • Experience with Docker cluster management, scaling, and monitoring
  • Experience maintaining build and deployment infrastructure
  • Go programming and debugging
  • Designed and managed REST APIs
  • Log management and analysis experience
  • Enthusiastic references