Automated Workforce Scheduling

We automatically schedule your workforce so that people can work when they want and your business saves money.

Tell us when you need workers

Every week, choose the number of workers that you need, hour by hour, for each part of your business. Each worker has a customizable profile where you can set constraints, such as how many shifts they should work.

Workforce Demand

Choose when you want to work

Using the mobile-friendly Planner App, workers can set their availability to work, can see their scheduled shifts, and can claim open shifts.

Workers set availability

We create the optimal schedule

After testing millions of possibilities, we pick the schedule that meets the rules of your business and minimizes labor costs.

StaffJoy Schedule

Plans and Pricing


for contractors

Workers claim shifts


monthly, up to 40 contractors


for employees

Workers assigned shifts


monthly, up to 40 employees


Custom workflows, tiered access controls, and technical integrations for medium and large-sized workforces.